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Boomer Naturals welcomes you to try our recommended Free Guided Meditations. Meditation has long been known as a useful tool to reduce stress, lessen anxiety, enhance concentration, improve sleep, and help with pain relief.

Meditation can be done anywhere and most types don’t require any specialized equipment or space. While many people prefer having this quiet time in the morning, the beauty of meditation is that it can be useful at any time of day! You can practice with just a few minutes per session, at a time that works best for you.

Boomer Naturals wants to support you in feeling your best and in making well-being a lifestyle. Consider trying the following Free Guided Meditations as an additional wellness tool to enhance your life.

Week One:

Grounding Hatha Yoga Practice

Practice this guided meditation to help you feel grounded and present in the moment – and in your body. Hillary Faye takes you on a gentle journey to focus your breath and tap into your own infinite power – aligning your mind, body and spirit.

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Week Two:

Meditation to Conquer Pain

Discover a meditation to calm the body and mind and relax with breathing techniques that can help lessen pain. Hillary Faye guides you through this short meditation to help you learn methods for holistic pain relief.

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Week Three:

Safe to Breathe Meditation

Learn and practice deep breathing techniques that help connect you with your inner being. Hilary Faye takes you on this guided meditation to help you appreciate your breath and find peace from within.

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Week Four:

Embodiment and Stress Relief

Hilary Faye guides you through automation techniques to release stress and practice deep relaxation throughout the body. During this meditation, you will learn to access your parasympathetic nervous system – where self-healing truly begins.

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Week Five:

The Breathing

Learn and practice the “Breath of Fire” exercise, which is the foundational breathing exercise in Kundalini Yoga. Hillary Faye guides you through this powerful breathing meditation to help you focus on your loving spirit and tune into your sacred energy.

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