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Discover Boomer Naturals Golf CB5: An FDA-compliant alternative to improve wellness


Golf CB5

Golfers from the PGA Tour to Pebble Beach are looking to enhance focus, decrease pain, reduce stress and above all, feel their best.

For this reason, Boomer Naturals has developed Golf CB5: a doctor formulated FDA-compliant alternative that is 100% legal, contains Zero THC and Zero CBD.

Golf CB5 supports your bodies internal regulatory system, which manages pain, inflammation, focus, energy and sleep patterns ” naturally.

Bogeys Hurt, Playing Golf Shouldn’t

How Golf CB5 Works – The ECS

When a building’s temperature gets higher or lower than desired, the thermostat sensors signal the unit to turn on and regulate the temperature.

Our bodies have a similar system ” the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Discovered in the late 1980s, the ECS is the thermostat for our bodies, minds, and emotions, and features receptors that act as sensors to signal to the brain when something is wrong ” including pain or inflammation. The system then goes to work to correct this problem.

But, what happens when your body is not producing enough endocannabinoids to stimulate the sensors?

You may notice an increase in inflammation and pain, and a decrease in focus, sleep, and energy, which in turn, can wreak havoc on your ability to play your best golf.

Boomer’s revolutionary Golf CB5 formula features natural ingredients that work synergistically on all known ECS receptors to regulate the system and keep your body running as it should.


PGA Tour Champions Winner Brandt Jobe says,

“Playing and practicing golf most days can be taxing on my body. Using Golf CB5 helps me stay pain-free and focused so I can perform at my best at all times. Golf CB5 helps my body recover quickly using an all-natural product instead of pain killers.”

Feel Better – Play More

Golf CB5 does not have any red tape, it is 100% legal and features ingredients the FDA considers ‘Generally Recognized as Safe'(GRAS).

One of the things that makes Golf CB5 so unique is that it targets all known receptors in the body, while most alternatives on the market only target one. With full ECS support, Golf CB5 addresses the concerns that golfers face on a daily basis: pain, inflammation, lack of focus, and energy.

Being without Golf CB5 could sink your game! Order Golf CB5 today and experience the difference it makes both on and off the course.